Our Technology Infrastructure Company Provides the Best Fiber Optic & Coax Testing, Repair, Installation & Restoration Services in the Greater Washington DC Area

A technology contractor specializing in fiber optic and coax cable services offers a range of specialized services related to testing, installation, restoration, repair, and engineering of these communication infrastructures. They have the expertise and equipment required to handle projects involving both underground and above-ground installations. Here’s a detailed description:

  1. Fiber Optic Services:

    • Testing: The contractor conducts comprehensive testing of fiber optic cables to ensure they meet industry standards and perform optimally. This includes optical power testing, attenuation testing, and verification of signal integrity.
    • Installation: The contractor is experienced in installing fiber optic cables, whether it’s for new construction or upgrading existing systems. This involves handling the delicate fiber optic cables, splicing and terminating connections, and implementing appropriate cable management techniques.
    • Restoration: In the event of fiber optic cable damage, the contractor can perform restoration services. This includes identifying the cause of the issue, repairing or replacing damaged cables, and conducting thorough testing to ensure the restored system functions properly.
  2. Coax Cable Services:

    • Repair: The contractor offers repair services for coaxial cables used in various applications, such as cable television and broadband internet. They can troubleshoot issues, repair or replace damaged cables, and restore signal quality to ensure reliable connectivity.
    • Testing: Coaxial cables require regular testing to verify signal strength, continuity, and impedance. The contractor conducts testing procedures to identify any issues and make necessary adjustments or repairs to optimize signal transmission.
    • Installation: The contractor is proficient in installing coaxial cables for residential and commercial purposes. This involves proper cable routing, connector installation, and ensuring efficient signal transmission.
  3. Design and Engineering:

    • The contractor provides design and engineering services tailored to specific project requirements. They collaborate with clients to understand their needs, assess the site, and develop detailed plans and specifications for the installation or restoration of fiber optic and coaxial cable systems.
    • Engineering to Spec: The contractor ensures that the design and engineering of the communication infrastructure align with industry standards and client specifications. This involves considering factors such as data transfer rates, distance limitations, and environmental considerations.
  4. Underground and Above-Ground Installations:

    • The contractor has experience working with both underground and above-ground installations. They can plan and execute cable routes, conduits, and trenching for underground installations, ensuring proper protection and compliance with regulations.
    • For above-ground installations, the contractor designs and installs support structures, such as poles or aerial cable trays, to securely route and protect the fiber optic and coaxial cables.

The technology contractor specializing in fiber optic and coax cable services brings expertise in testing, installation, restoration, and engineering to meet the specific needs of clients. Whether the project involves underground or above-ground installations, their services ensure reliable communication infrastructure for efficient data transfer and connectivity.

For cable placement, plus cable splicing and testing, one contract puts you on your way to a complete network.  We are known for our reasonably priced, high quality service.

Eastcomm Complete Fiber Optic Services:

  • Complete fiber optic construction
  • Aerial, underground, Inside plant
  • Design and Engineering
  • Complete testing services, such as end to end, reel testing, and splice loss testing, ORL, power meter/laser source testing and WDM testing
  • Connectorization and polishing
  • Emergency restoration and in-service “hot cuts”
  • Custom cable assemblies

Eastcomm Complete Coax Services

  • Complete coax cable¬†construction
  • Aerial, underground, Inside plant
  • Design and Engineering
  • Coax cable splicing and retrofit
  • Forward and reverse sweep