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Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) boring services, also known as directional boring or trenchless drilling, involve a method of underground utility installation or pipeline construction that minimizes surface disruption. HDD allows for the installation of utilities, such as pipes or conduits, beneath obstacles like roads, rivers, or existing infrastructure, without the need for extensive excavation. It all starts with the Pilot Hole: The HDD process begins with the creation of a pilot hole. A specialized drilling rig is used to drill a small-diameter hole along a predetermined path. The drill head is guided by a combination of precise measurements, guidance systems, and monitoring equipment to ensure accurate alignment. We then continue to the Reaming process After the pilot hole is drilled, it is enlarged through a series of reaming passes using larger cutting tools. This gradually widens the hole to the desired diameter to accommodate the utility being installed. 

Pipe or Conduit Installation then occurs, Once the hole is reamed, the utility, such as a pipe or conduit, is pulled or pushed into the enlarged hole. This is often done with the help of a lubricating fluid or bentonite mud to reduce friction and facilitate smooth installation. Backfilling and Surface Restoration: Once the utility is in place, the hole is backfilled with suitable materials, and the surface is restored to its original condition. This may involve reseeding grass, repaving roads, or restoring landscaping, depending on the project requirements. There are many Benefits of HDD Boring such as Minimal Surface Disruption: HDD eliminates the need for open-cut trenches, reducing the disruption to roads, landscapes, and existing infrastructure. This is especially valuable in urban or environmentally sensitive areas where minimizing surface disturbance is crucial. Crossing Obstacles: HDD allows utilities to be installed beneath obstacles like rivers, highways, railways, and existing utility lines, avoiding the need for expensive and time-consuming detours or relocation. Cost Efficiency: HDD can be more cost-effective compared to traditional excavation methods due to reduced labor, restoration, and traffic control requirements. Faster Installation: HDD can expedite utility installation since it eliminates the time-consuming process of digging trenches and subsequent surface restoration.

Applications of HDD Boring: Telecommunications: HDD is commonly used for the installation of fiber optic cables, telephone lines, and communication conduits. Water and Sewer: HDD is employed for the installation of water supply lines, sewer pipes, and drainage systems. Utilities and Infrastructure: HDD is utilized for installing utilities such as gas pipelines, electrical conduits, power cables, and underground infrastructure. Site and Project Considerations: Site Assessment: Before commencing HDD, a thorough site assessment is conducted to evaluate soil conditions, identify potential obstacles, assess the feasibility of the project, and determine the appropriate drilling technique. Utility Locating: Accurate utility locating and mapping are crucial to avoid accidental damage to existing infrastructure during the drilling process. This is typically done through utility marking and the use of utility locating tools.

HDD boring services provide an efficient and less disruptive method for installing utilities or pipelines underground. It offers numerous advantages, including minimal surface disruption, the ability to cross obstacles, cost savings, and faster installation times. By utilizing HDD techniques, contractors can efficiently install utilities while minimizing the impact on the surrounding environment and infrastructure.

Eastcomm specializes in Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD, Directional Boring, directional drilling). We are experts at installing underground pipelines and conduits from the surface along a prescribed bore path. The process is successfully used for installing telecommunications & power cable conduits, water lines, sewer lines, gas lines, oil lines, product pipelines and casings used for environmental remediation. Eastcomm, has been providing Horizontal Directional Drilling services for over 20 years and possesses a large fleet of drills in various sizes to provide a variety of solutions.  This includes installations of small to large diameter pipelines.


Directional boring for a municipality can include drilling and installing pipeline for water, recycled water, gravity sewer, forced sanitary sewer mains, or other utilities. Projects may be as small as installing a 4″ sanitary sewer service or range up to larger projects such as installing a 30″ pipeline for water. Utility crossings include highway and roadways, rivers, streams, sloughs, wetlands, and levies.


Directional boring for commercial includes the installation of pipeline and conduit for underground utilities. Projects may include electrical and communications or utilities such as water, sewer, and gas. General Engineering contractors are typically Eastcomm’s customer. These general contractors typically have a larger project but need HDD services for certain utilities. These crossing may include parking lots, streets and roadways, levies and ditches. Horizontal directional drilling can provide pipe and conduit installation without impeding car and pedestrian traffic.