Our Mission: To provide solutions for the utility and technology needs of our clients, while maintaining the level of efficient, friendly and trustworthy service that is the foundation of our methodology.

Eastcomm was founded in 1985. After many years working in the technology and utility industry, we focus our efforts on delivering excellence in service, thoroughly learning about their clients’ business, building relationships, providing expert advice, and doing right by their clients. 

Eastcomm was built from the ground up, gradually expanding staff of professionals who are dedicated to providing clients with support and service. Whereas other companies focus only on fixing the problem, our team focuses on understanding all aspects of the goals of our clients

Serving companies of all sizes in the Mid-Atlantic, Eastcomm is evolving and growing as it provides clients with personalized support. Offering dependable, reliable, and customized support services is the commitment of the entire team. What sets us apart is our deep-rooted expertise in all facets of technology and utility construction. What makes us successful is our commitment to our partners…our clients.